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Ruissalo Boatyard

An aerial view of Ruissalo Boatyard on a summer's day.

Between 1889 and 1954, the Ruissalo Boatyard, then Åbo Båtvarf, was the largest boatyard in the Nordic countries. Nowadays, the site serves as a popular venue for meetings, concerts, and private parties as well as a stunning marina. Here, you’ll also find Zaké Pizzeria & Wine Bar, an award-winning pizzeria, Avelia, an elegant interior design boutique and café, and the newcomer to the marina, Tenlén BBQ & Smokery. During the summer, you can enjoy the repertoire of Linnateatteri as well as events such as the Turku Music Festival, TFO, Turku Sea Jazz, the Boat Show and the Airisto Classic Regatta. 

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